Boen Aluminium
Boen Aluminium entered into the aluminium extrusion sector at 1991 and increased its quality and production by developing gradually. Our new integrated institution,equipped with a modern technology in Tekirdağ/Çerkezköy,started to produce after it was founded on 50.000 m2 land which is 32.000 m2 uncovered and 18.000 m2 covered. Boen Aluminium has always progressed by a firm step with a young and dynamic team who is sensitive to the environment and people and always is looking for innovation with its customers and sellers and does its work well. In Aluminium sector to contribute global developments follow with industry and technology to be leader of sector.
Our Mission
To be pioneer the aluminum sector by keeping up with the change and technology
Our Vision
Always breaking new grounds Never making concessions on quality By integrating developing In Aluminium sector AR-GE,production,sales and engineering activities Adopting the team spirit Customer orientation World, regions and countries to contribute the economy Continuous development and improvement Using the most convenient materials and technology which wont damage to our workers and environment.

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